Salvation: Mission Possible

The ministry of salvation is simple,

I think “we” (people in ministry) tend to make it complicated. I believe it’s because we forgot what it was like when we first fell in love with Jesus. We forget that God’s greatest desire is to see us repent and live. So much so that He gave us His Beloved Son while we were rotting in our sin so that we may live.

When I got saved there were no rituals or 10-step process involved. I didn’t have to “get right” before I dare to stand before God. Matter of fact when I got saved I was on a date with my now husband who invited me to church. I didn’t have any “church clothes” so I wore a party dress with a blazer. I got saved during the praise and worship service. Jesus was simply lifted up in my presence and I fell in love with Him. I felt Jesus’ love for me and saw His desire to save me. In that moment I believed in His love and I got saved.

I didn’t even make it to the altar call. No hands were laid on me, the only hand I felt was the Hand of God reaching out to me and saving me right were I stood. One touch from Jesus and I was forever changed.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against altar calls or the laying on of hands, I’ve been there. I lay hands on my children all of the time and it’s powerful. I’m simply testifying to how simple salvation was for me.

Jesus said when He is lifted up He will draw all people to Himself. (John 12:32) Jesus did the tough part. Our part in this joint venture is simply to share Him to the lost, broken and wounded. We don’t need to fix people, get them right and then present them to God. It’s Jesus who saves us, makes us righteous and presentable before the Father. Jesus is the one who renews and restores us.

If I had been told that I had to change into a church appropriate outfit, get my life together and then make my way to Jesus, I probably wouldn’t have come back through those church doors. Some don’t. That approach would have made Salvation Impossible for me. God doesn’t look at the exterior of a person. So why do we? God accepted me party dress and all, during a time in my life where I was drowning. God so loved me…He cared that much that He saw past what the world saw and reached out to the part of me that was lost and bound and Saved me. When Jesus is lifted up (revealed, shared) lives are transformed!

Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It Is This:

Our job is to scatter seeds (Jesus, His Love, His Word, His Hope), water it (pray, love, share Christ and His word again) and God will make it grow!


Generation Grace

Generation Grace

Jesus reveals the heart of the Father through the parable of the Lost Sheep. A man loses one of His sheep and leaves the ninety-nine in His flock to go after it. When He finds it, He brings it back to the fold and invites His friends to celebrate the return of His lost sheep.

Jesus says, “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over the ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

Child of God, you are the ninety-nine, the one who needs no repentance. Your heart, mind and purpose are set in Christ.


The Ninety-Nine

Here’s a situation ripped from headlines. You’re a bakery owner and you were just asked to bake a wedding cake for a couple that does not share your Christian beliefs. Remember you’re in Christ, they’re not; you’re Heaven bound, they’re not. God plans your day; He makes firm your steps. God is not out to harm you but to prosper you. So why did He bring this unsaved couple in your path?

God positioned you for one reason and one reason alone. If you think it’s to prove your faithfulness to Him you’re wrong. There’s no need for that. You’re belief in His Son and His finished work at the cross has you sealed for eternity. You’re the ninety-nine, Heaven’s not rejoicing over you, it’s waiting to rejoice over the salvation of that one demanding that cake from you.

But how do I do that, especially in a situation like that, I’m not a preacher?

Neither was Paul or the Disciples. Take a page from their book, simply testify about the love of Jesus; that same Love that saved you. Plant that seed of love and Christ will do the rest. If you’re too shy to speak, that’s okay, you have something mighty within you that can tear down barriers and move mountains. You have access to God through prayer. You have God’s ear; pray and watch Heaven move on your behalf.

generationGeneration Grace

Christ said this to Paul, “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you.” Acts 18:9-10

I believe that God is raising up a generation that does not fear lawsuits, persecution or death. A Believer who is confident in the power of that name that is above all names. I believe our God is challenging all of God’s people not to run from these challenges but to seize them as opportunities to share God’s grace. See it as a chance to impart life to a person who may not walk through those church doors to hear God’s Word. It just may be, that their only chance of knowing the Love that God has for them is through you Child of God.

I believe the Father is stirring up a Generation Grace that shares in His will to see none perish. One who refuses to bury the talent God gave them and seizes every opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus. That person who served you coffee, the students you teach, your co-workers are not chance encounters but God encounters. Not all ministry takes place in a synagogue or church, it can be as casual as a Man waiting by a well for someone to give Him a drink 🙂

Are you that Grace Generation?