Seek and You Will Find

I’ve come to realize in my own walk with Christ that you cannot seek God and call upon His name and God not affect every area of your life. The beauty of prayer is this, when you pray you unleash God’s power and will into your life. He touches everyone and everything that is connected to you. Now God is not a bully, He doesn’t bulldoze His way into your life, He’s a gentleman, which is why He says, “Ask…seek…knock. He’s waiting for you to invite Him in.


I shared with my 17-year old son the news of me being accepted back into the Bachelors program after having to drop out twice. My son says to me, “I don’t know why you’re so surprised, didn’t God say that He was going to do it. God always does what He says!” To that I said Hallelujah!


A few months ago I was teaching my 10-year old about prayer and how she should bring her fears to God. Like most kids she confessed that the only thing she fears is her parents splitting up because she doesn’t want to be separated from her family. I don’t know why but I felt prompted to ask, “You don’t fear death?” and she said to me, “No, I know I’m going to be with my family in eternity.” My heart said, “Wow, glory to God!” I could not believe the faith that was coming out of a 10- year old child. I know adults who haven’t fully embraced the gift of eternity, yet my daughter does.

The other day my four-year old wanted me to play with him and I told him that mommy wasn’t feeling so good. As soon as the words left my mouth, he placed his little toddler hands on my chest and prayed, “Father God in the name of Jesus, make mommy feel all better. Amen.” To that I said, thank you God.

If I were to put a label on my husband it would be Mr. Revelation. He doesn’t spend the time studying the word, as most tend to think. You don’t see him holed up in his “spiritual closet” 24/7. He simply has the desire to know the heart of God and within minutes God reveals to him hidden truths you’ve never heard preached or taught before. It is amazing to see a man with no formal training gifted with a natural ability to read the “Spirit” behind the text and be able to understand and explain the most complicated verses in the bible.

Prayer Changes Things

Your prayer does not need to be high and lofty or of elegant speech, it just needs to be sincere. There have been moments in my prayer life where the only words I was able to get out in between my sobs is, “Father help me!” , and in those moments I witnessed the power of Heaven move with great authority in my life.

I’m sharing what God is doing in my family to encourage you in this, that every promise in Christ is a yes! God is not going to save you and not bless and heal your family. Your child is a “yes”; your marriage is a “yes”. Your healing is a “yes”. That victory you are seeking is a “yes” in Christ.

Don’t be deceived by what you see in this visible realm, even if the person who is giving you the most grief is the one closest to you. Don’t be discouraged for a greater realm is at work on your behalf.

Please know that you are “in Christ” today and every day that follows and that my friend is a position of greatness! Keep seeking; keep believing, your hope in Christ will not be put to shame.

 Ask…Seek… Knock…Pray! It’s an open invitation.

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