Blessed by WordPress

I’m learning more and more  just how much of a blessing the  team behind WordPress are. They’ve created a product that is user-friendly and they take all of the headaches out of blogging and web design. Our only job as the user is to write and create.

In my Web design class I’m learning about  the hidden source codes and commands behind the inspired thoughts we write and the artful graphics we display on our pages. There is a  great art and  science  taking place behind the scenes and WordPress has managed to simplify the process for you by doing  all of the heaving lifting (the source coding) for you.

If I want to place a bold emphasis on my “Title” I simply hit the bold button and type, but the code behind that simple action is written as this <h1> <b> Title </b> </h1>. Imagine how much posting we would do if we had to insert every code needed to express every thought we type  to our readers.

For those of you in ministry like myself, this mirrors the beauty of God and His provisions. If He places a dream in you, He is going to make the provisions, He’ll do the heavy lifting (the source coding)  and He will see it to completion.  But its a good thing to want to get a closer look and better understanding of the great Architect behind the beautiful design, the Vision-giver and maker behind the vision. You can do that by simply seeking Him and spending time with God in prayer and He will impart that knowledge to you.

Check out the picture I captured of an old post I wrote last Christmas called, A Christmas Quiz, I re-wrote it using a text editor program.

notepad screeshot

This is a picture of what goes on behind the scenes of the web sites  you visit. The Christmas Quiz was a short post but a lot went into it behind the scenes. The more you think about it, it really does mirror us, only God knows the great work, the ups and downs, the triumphs and the disappointments, the leaps of faith and the days of doubt, along with the great gifts God gave us that went into shaping us into the individuals that we are today.

For those of you with an interest in designing from the ground up and are searching for reliable text editors  you can use notepad, which was originally downloaded on my laptop when I bought it. Its straightforward and easy to use and it was a great tool for me to get started with. Another great program is  notepad++ . You can download it for free, it has more features than notepad but it takes awhile for you to figure it all out. What I like the most about it, is that it keeps me organized and it fills in the codes for me when it is a code  that I’ve used before.  For me, that feature cuts down on the time spent typing. You can download Notepad++ and try it out for your self- try notepad++ images

Stay blessed and encouraged and thank you for your ,prayers, encouragement and patience during my web design adventure.

4 thoughts on “Blessed by WordPress

      1. Is that the one across the MItchell—the one that split from the little church on Lathrop? (I’m just asking ’cause when I was a kid in the ’70s, we did choir exchanges with the church on Lathrop) Those Sundays were always my favorite! 🙂

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