Who Am I: A New Year Revelation

As you all know in the beginning there was God and His Spirit hovered above the waters. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit said, Let Us make Man in Our own image and likeness and give them dominion over the earth and all that inhabit it. So God created Male and Female in His image and likeness.

In Genesis 2 the Lord God formed the Man from the dust of the ground (the earth).  Let’s stop there and meditate on that.  Create and Form have two different meanings.

To Create means to bring something new into existence.

To Form means to give shape to an existing substance.

So my question is this what being, male and female, did God create on the 6th day?  Here’s a couple of clues:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you.” –Jeremiah 1:5

“Your eyes saw my unformed body.” –Psalm 139:16

The Sixth day Being   

 A Spirit Being made in the image and likeness of God. A being whom He sees and has taken the time to know.  Please Note*God created the Spirit being on the 6th day but no date was given for the Formed being. Also Note*  God gave dominion to the Spirit being, He placed the formed being in the finished work to carry out His will on earth (I encourage you to research this for yourself ).   Could it be that this is the greater part of me, the eternal me, the real me? So who am I? I am a Spirit Being, the material and essence of God, clothed in the very earth that He gave me dominion over. I am created to receive Him and function in Him and I am formed to carry out His Finished work. A Spirit being clothed in a designer earth suit that’s who we are.

Now Christ shed His Righteous blood for us and all power and authority has been given to Him and because of His sacrifice those of us who have confessed Christ can celebrate a new birth and gift of a resurrected spirit and body in Christ. We have Christ, Heaven’s Best, dwelling on the inside of us, co-laboring with us on this earth. So be bold and confident in this New Year  knowing that He that is in you is greater than he (anything or weapon that forms against you) that is in this world. Designed and Destined for greatness…This is who you are.

Happy New Year


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