A Writer’s Journey

For the past seven years I have been working on my first book. For as long as I can remember I’ve been writing. The first short story I’ve ever written was called, “The Case of the President’s Missing Socks”, I was in the 4th grade 🙂 In my storage closet you’ll find boxes of my work, poems of all kinds, a screenplay, short stories and magazine articles I wrote for the magazine I was going to launch and still hope to, God willing. It was in college that I was inspired to actually right a book. It was after I wrote a short story about an experience I had never had yet all of my classmates assumed that I had because it read so real to them. That is when I knew I wanted to be a novelist and from that day on writing a book was my life’s goal.

I had tons of ideas but no passion for what I was writing. For years I would start a book get about half way through it and then poof, nothing would come. The Unfinished book… I became the master at it and soon I realized it was time to do something different. So I jumped back into Broadcasting, a career I pursued back in my early college days. I worked for CBS for a few years, soaking up what I could from each department at the station, but it was in those moments hanging out in the newsroom with the reporters that that longing would come back, to put fingers to keys and just…write. Then came the car accident that put me out of commission for awhile, I had to leave CBS and while leaving was tough I thought perhaps this was my time to write…so I did. I wrote about everything and nothing, I just wrote and as silly as that sounds it felt good.

Time passed by, the unfinished book theme reigned supreme in my life, I thought to myself… where am I going wrong? The answer followed late one evening… well morning… it was 1am, I couldn’t sleep, I hadn’t slept a full night in years. I had just finished watching back to back episodes of the X-Files, that was a show that kept me company on many sleepless nights, the thing with that is when its late and the whole house is quiet and its just you and the X-Files you begin to believe, that “someone else” is out there. LOL! Anyway I needed an Angel not more Aliens, so I tore myself away from Alien hunting to watch one of my favorite Televangelist deliver God’s word . He posed a question to his congregation, a question that changed my life. He asked, “What are you doing for the Kingdom of God?” For weeks this question plagued me, I remember telling myself, hey I’m a good person, I give, I tithe, I’m kind, I help those in need, I’m helping the kingdom of God. My mind and my mouth had a lot to say but my heart wasn’t convinced. Then one day I heard the Holy Spirit ask me, “What are you doing for the Kingdom of God?” and I said, “I am teaching my children about God and His Kingdom.” Then the Holy Spirit said, “Yes but you should be inspiring a nation of children.”

That’s when it hit me, my inspiration, my reason, my passion. For years I had book ideas upon book ideas but I could never complete these books because I had no vision. The bible says without vision the people perish( Proverbs 29:18 kjv). I know what you’re thinking idea, vision, its all the same, but I promise you its not. Ideas are great, everything started with an idea- a thought. The tablet I’m using began as idea, the pen behind behind my ear began as an idea, the seat that I am seated on began as an idea. The earth, the universe, you and me all began as an idea in God’s mind and heart. Vision is the force that drives you, moves you, takes you out of yourself and stepping into adventures you’d normally wouldn’t consider. Vision is what fuels you to pursue the idea. So finally after years of writing I had a vision and the courage to pursue it. The journey does not end here, there’s more. Stay tuned.

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